HJA63 linear actuator pinout


I have some Richmat "HJA63 HALL" linear actuators from an old adjustable bed that I want to reuse for a robotics project.

Specs for searchability:

Item no: HJA63 HALL
Stroke/Instal: 115/303mm
Max Load: push 6000N
Rated Voltage: 24V DC, 3A Max IP20
Duty Cycle: 10%, Max 2min ON, 8min OFF

The actuator contains a brushed 24V DC motor labelled "HJ-T2BHA" "220615Y4835", and has integrated limit switches that shut off the motor power. The motor contains a Magn Tek MT1401AT hall effect sensor mounted on a small circuit board labelled "HYT1401V1.0" "22.05.05".

The connector is a 8-pin DIN 45326, and the pinout is as follows, looking into the male plug:

  A       G
 B    H    F

  C       E

A,B     Motor+ (blue)
C,D     Motor- (black)
F       Hall V+ 3V-18V (yellow)
H       Hall output (red)
E       Hall Gnd (green)